8. Maybe It’s Because I’m Self-Involved?

I think that I am great. And just recently it occurred to me that maybe the fact that I think I am so fantastic is detrimental to finding myself a great guy. I have a caring, kind, loving side to my personality, but sometimes that gets outshone by my more self-centered attributes. This makes me wonder: am I single because I am vain, narcissistic, self-loving, conceited and/or egocentric?


‘Tis the season to be selfless, and I believe that particular fact is only serving to emphasize how self-involved I really am. While Christmas shopping with my girlfriends, not only did it take me a ridiculous amount of time to get ready (I had to make sure my hair and makeup were PERFECTION, plus nail polish takes a long time to dry like, REALLY dry, ohkay?), but I also had difficulty finding presents for anyone other than me. Worse still, I had no trouble justifying purchasing these ‘gifts’ for myself.

If Santa were real, I would be getting nothing but a big fat lump of coal in my stocking.

Maybe if I spent less time (& MONEY) on myself, and focused more on the smokin’ hot guys around me I wouldn’t be spending Christmas alone, with a bottle of cheap wine and some bargain bin chocolate biscuits as my only yuletide companions.

Merry Christmas!


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