11. Maybe it’s because I’m shy.

I was pondering the fact that I am still embarrassingly alone the other day (as I oftentimes do), & this thought rolled across my mind:  have my social skills (or lack thereof) contributed to my man-repelling ways? Is the root of my man-landing issue  my slightly introverted personality?  Could the answer to my question really be that simple? Sometimes the best explanation for any problem turns out to be the simplest one — at least, according to William of Occam — and this might be the case when it comes to my current companionless existence.

Am I single because I am shy, quiet, demure, bashful, cautious, timid and/or backward?


I can be an outgoing person, that I am not going to deny, BUT for the most part I am content to keep to myself. For someone who is naturally an introvert, putting herself out there can be hard work. And I don’t always put the effort into being extroverted that I should; the effort that could land me a great boyfriend. I am sometimes unbearably shy, and that fact may be holding my back from wonderful opportunities to get to know wonderful people, and to possibly fall in love. Sigh. I tend to hide in the shadow of those more outgoing and socially adventurous but this will be the year where I make myself known to the social world.

I am going to make it one of my New Years resolutions to put myself out there, and hopefully putting myself out will let someone in.


What do you think?

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