12. Maybe it’s my bedtime buddy?

This is Bob.


He is my nighttime companion, and he has been my bedtime buddy for YEARS: A fact that should be obvious from his well-loved appearance.

This little guy has got a lot of miles on him — both literally, and figuratively. We’ve travelled to the States on multiple occasions (Fast-paced Waikiki was my personal favourite, but Bob preferred the more laid-back beach style of SoCal), we’ve been to the hot, humid shores of Jamaica, the mountainous regions of Canada’s Kootenays and we’ve hopped across the pond to the beautiful isle of the United Kingdom, where we were fully immersed in the culture of our ancestors, among other locations both near and far.

There have been times when Bob has been unavailable to travel with me, and in those moments I have experienced anxiety, fear and difficulty engaging in a suitable slumber. This happened to me recently, as my life took a turn for the busy and I was finding myself in my own bed less and less often (not like that, you pervs). I would feel a certain longing for my regular bedtime buddy… I felt like I was lost without him. And as I continued to experience an irregular sleep schedule, I found myself lacking a good nights sleep. This revelation made me wonder if my irregular attachment to an inanimate object is impeding my ability to engage in a longterm relationship. Am I single because I can’t nap, doze, siesta, snooze, slumber and/or drift off to Noddyland without my beloved bear?


I have always had an unnatural affinity for my stuffed toy, and it could be that there just isn’t enough room in my life for two cuddle buddies. Maybe if I shelved Bob (Toy Story style) I could create opportunities for new, more fruitful (and real) relationships.

2 thoughts on “12. Maybe it’s my bedtime buddy?

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