Ahhhh yes, it is THAT time of year again.

Valentine’s Day. A day where all things love and romance unite to make single people — such as myself — hate their lives. A day where couples, both young & old, exhibit OBSCENE amounts of PDA, and anything that can be made into a heart-shape is fashioned as such, then sold at grotesquely high prices to love-struck shmucks eager to make a good impression on the objects of their affection.

It is enough to make me sick.

BUT, this year, I am NOT letting it get to me. I am going to out-wit this elitist, discriminatory holiday and celebrate it solo. My best friend — she’s also single, and god knows why… Unlike me, she has nothing wrong with her — and I are going to grab some grub, enjoy each other’s strictly platonic company, and we may or may not make our way through a bottle (or two) of wine. What more could I ask for from a Thursday night than my BFF and a bottle of booze?

So, fuck you Cupid, and your stupid arrows too. I don’t need to dedicate a single day of the year to mourning my single-ness.

I have a whole year, and a blog, for that.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! <3


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