20. Maybe it’s the lack of quality men?

I often wonder if I will ever find a decent guy in this city; a decent guy who DOESN’T have a girlfriend, anyway. It seems to me that all the good guys have been snapped up, and the only ones left are the bargain bin rejects. Of course, beggars can’t/shouldn’t be choosers, but COME ON. Out of the handful of single guys I’ve met recently, one of them is OBVIOUSLY not into me; one is playing games with me, possibly in hopes of someone better coming along (read: prettier, younger, thinner); and the third exposed himself to me in the middle of a crowded restaurant, while I was enjoying brunch with my girlfriends, on a Sunday.

It took a LOT of self-control on my part not to jump his bones right then and there, trust me.


This latest interaction between me and one of God’s gift to women forced me to consider the following: am I single because the men I meet are sleazy, uninterested players, who are flirtationally incompetent and lacking in quality all together?

Maybe. BUT maybe not.

I am not willing to rule it out just yet, based on the evidence that I have gathered thus far. But I am willing to concede that my most recent sampling of the male species is unable to account for men (and their personalities) as a whole. I am far from naive enough to believe that all men are sleazy idiots, eager to display their tattooed testicles for my viewing pleasure in public, on the day of CHRIST.

The truth is, although my search for a good guy has been discouraging as of late, I’m not ready to accept that MY guy, the guy who is perfect for ME, doesn’t exist. There’s a key for every lock, right?

And so the search continues…….


What do you think?

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