22. Maybe it’s because I snort?

Sometimes, when I laugh, like REALLY laugh, a snort sneaks out.

And recently it has been brought to my attention from an unnamed source that this impulsive expulsion of air from my nasal cavity might be to blame for my lack of a significant other. Could it be that because when I am overcome with happiness,  joy, delight, glee, & at moments of absolute jocularity I occasionally snort, that nobody wants to be with me?

It IS possible.

I have been in company of guys who think my snorting is both adorable and endearing, but I have also been in the company of guys who think it is disgusting. It seems to follow appropriately that I have not been in the company of those guys that fall into the second-mentioned group for very long.

But, as I have said above, I don’t VOLUNTARILY snort, they just so happen to sneak out when I think that something is really funny. So, the two options I seem to have are that either I stop hanging around people who are so incredibly hilarious that I may or may not snort in their presence, OR I maintain company with people who don’t give a shit if I make noises similar to that of a farm animal when I get giggling.

I vote for the latter, because why the heck would I want to be with someone who judges me for something I cannot control?


What do you think?

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