23. Maybe it’s because I am too damn smart.

There are not many things that I am good at, that I will freely admit. I am terrible at anything athletic, can’t cook for shit, and my singing would leave most audiences bleeding from the ears. BUT, the one thing that I have and have always had is my big ol’ brain.

I am so smart, it’s stupid.

I have what is referred to as “amazing recall,” meaning most of what I read/hear I am bound to remember. I am FULL of (sometimes useless) facts, making me fantastic at Jeopardy, and an asset to any team when it comes to Trivial Pursuit. Where my amazing memory and uncanny smarts become troublesome is when it comes to my love life. For example: the other night, at a house party, I was in the middle of a conversation with a guy — and it was going pretty well, I thought — until I decided it would be a good idea to allude to Pygmalion… As in the somewhat famous play by George Bernard Shaw.

Turns out, 20th century literature can be a bit of a buzzkill.

I am never intentionally trying to “sound smart” when I say these things… Rather, it is the OPPOSITE. I managed to make the connection between the well-known flick Miss Congeniality and the (apparently) lesser-known Pygmalion, and I found myself honestly surprised when my epiphany fell on naive ears. It never occurred to me that someone drinking at a party wouldn’t eagerly associate between a movie starring Sandra Bullock, and a play starring no one he has ever heard of before. Needless to say, the other half to that conversation gave me a REALLY weird look.

Although I may be able to hold my own intellectually, when it comes to social situations I can be pretty stupid. This epiphany was forced upon me over the weekend in the wake of my social fail, and it forced me to consider: am I single because I am brainy, bright, intelligent, sharp-witted and/or clever to the point where I am socially inept?


My gregarious BFF*, lucky for me, shamelessly picked up my social slack and managed to salvage the conversation. Her effortless display of skill in human interactions made me realize that it would behoove me to attempt to imitate her style when it comes to communicating with the other humans. Maybe if I played it a little cooler when I was engaging in social interaction I would spend less time kicking myself for saying something inappropriate and more time flirting, chatting, and enjoying myself in general.

* In no way am I suggesting that I am intellectually superior to my BFF because she has a wider set of social skills: the two characteristics are in no way dependent on one another. She is actually fairly smart herself and can give me a run for my money when it comes to displays of wit. & not only is she socially capable and smart, she is also really good-looking and funny, and — as mentioned in this post — she has nothing wrong with her… leaving me constantly perplexed as to why she is alone.


What do you think?

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