24. Maybe it’s because I don’t think before I speak.

I don’t like to admit it, but I am regularly a victim of firmly placing my foot in my mouth. I am the type of person who says something and IMMEDIATELY regrets it… Some of the things that fly out of my face are absolutely ridiculous, and usually offensive, and lately I have been thinking that maybe my lack of a verbal filter has got something to do with my lack of a man.

I am known to be inappropriate on the reg’, and recently I was having a discussion with one of my colleagues where she informed me that my “direct” approach to conversations — I guess my conversations seem to be littered with brutal honesty — can come off as quite abrasive, and may put some people off.

By some people, she meant all men.

Oh dear.

I hadn’t really given much thought to my particular brand of communicating: I was under the impression that people didn’t enjoy being lied to, and I do my best to be honest in my interactions with the fellow humans. HOWEVER the problem here may not be the content of the message, but the lack of thought put into my delivery. (The medium is the message, as Mcluhan would say…) There are nice ways to say something, and there are really shitty ways. Lately, I’ve noticed that I tend to communicate things in the really shitty way, making me look kind of like a complete asshole. (Which I may or may not be — see this post)

So, am I single because I don’t think, consider, evaluate, mull over, dwell on or have the cognitive ability to properly ponder before I speak?


I might need to start counting to ten before I let my thoughts out into the world; I should consider whether what I am saying is belligerent, offensive, or overtly inappropriate before I let the words slip out from my mouth.

Maybe if I insert a filter between my mouth and my brain, my problems regarding romance will be resolved.


What do you think?

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