26. Maybe it’s because I’m a baby when I’m hungry.

Turns out, when I am on — what I consider — the brink of starvation, I begin to lose all cognitive function and start to act like a child. I guess a lack of food turns me into what my BFF would call “a little bitch” …End quote.

I am usually too close to the situation to realize when I am being grumpy and childish, but my best friend does a pretty good job of keeping my hunger in check. On more than one occasion her and her snacks have been the only thing between me and a meltdown, and I love her for that (among other things of course — she knows). Recently, when we were out at the clubs for a mutual friend’s b-day celebrations, I started to feel a little bit peckish… but luckily my BFF came to the rescue with some stale granola (courtesy of her uneaten breakfast from… Wednesday?) before a full on hunger-induced temper tantrum could occur.

Bless her.

Realizing that my mood and my level of starvation are intricately connected made me consider whether the fact that I can barely function when I am in need of some sustenance is effecting my relationship status. Could it be that I’m single because I become a baby when I’m hungry, famished, starving, ravenous, esurient, and involuntarily fasting?

It wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case.

I need to find a dude who loves food just as much as  I do, so we never have to worry about a lack of sustenance that would lead to potential starvation-induced meltdown. How hard could it be to find a snack-totin’ fella who’s willing to share?


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