34. Maybe it’s because I have zero game.

You know those people who are incredibly charismatic?  Those people who give off an amazing vibe that makes you want to be around them? They’re suave, and they’re good-looking, and they can easily trick you into wanting to be with them.

They’re romantic con-artists, and they pride themselves on their successes with the opposite  sex (or same sex really, it is 2013 after all). What these people have, that a lot of people don’t, is an elusive personality trait colloquially referred to as “game”.

Sadly, I fall into the category of those who fail to be blessed with this trait.

… I lack game in a MAJOR way.

I don’t have game, and I am a terrible flirt. I’m far too literal (I think): I can’t just have FUN with a conversation; I unconsciously refuse to play a little verbal pingpong. Unless a boy is beating me over the head with compliments I don’t even realize he is flirting with me. And even then, I don’t believe he is being sincere… Because I may or may not be a little bit nutty.

Observing me interact with a male human is like witnessing a car accident — painful, and a little bit frightening. I’m usually oblivious to obvious come-ons, and I don’t know how to generate any romantically relevant conversation on my own: Conversing with men just isn’t my strong suit.

So, that is probably the root of my man-landing issues — maybe I’m single because I don’t possess the appropriate amount of allure, appeal, brio, charm, seductiveness, swagger, vivacity, and/or pure animal magnetism to snare a boyfriend.

I don’t know if charisma is a learned ability; I think it is far more likely that a person is born with it — nature vs. nurture and all that crap. But perhaps I can attempt to fake it?

I’m definitely going to have to try.


One thought on “34. Maybe it’s because I have zero game.

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