36. Maybe it’s because I’m obsessive.

My personality contains many interesting quirks, and one of those is my tendency to obsess.

I form obsessive attachments easily, and frequently, and it is probably (most likely) unhealthy.

My bad ya’ll.

I don’t think I have control over my obsessions — I probably could have control if I tried — they usually just happen. And it is weird, and I tend to get a little weird when I am nursing an obsession. I usually don’t eat, and I barely sleep (which may or may not be a good thing given my strange sleep habits), and I talk about said obsession CONSTANTLY.

My most recent obsessions have been Animal Crossing (I’m a major nerd, I know), Community (less nerdy, but when you fully immerse yourself in a TV show you tend to get a little crazy), my psych professor (he just so happened to exude perfect amounts of nerdiness and sexiness — meow), Macklemore & Ryan Lewis  (“Ten Thousand Hours” is my ANTHEM) and LOST. Ugh, that show is taking over my life; I am re -watching the seasons and it is actually like having a fulltime job.

I also spend a lot of time babbling about social topics like racism, feminism, bullying and just equality in general — which may or may not drive my friends and coworkers a little bit mental.

And if the people that actually like me have trouble conversing with me when I am in an obsessive state, I can only imagine how little a potential mate would want to interact with me.

So, maybe it’s my tendency to focus, fixate, concentrate on, and become preoccupied, engrossed, and infatuated about certain things to the point of  annoyance that prevents me from having a healthy relationship. Who knows: I definitely don’t, which is probably why I’m alone.


What do you think?

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