48. Maybe it’s because I’m a babe.

Recently, I reached (self-proclaimed) babe status.

Boys, take a number. ’cause I’m HOT. Everybody wants a piece… & if you’re lucky, you’ll get one.

I’m smokin’. A dime. A bombshell. A hottie. A looker. A stone-cold FOX.

At least… I was.

My babe-like status was short-lived. Unfortunately for me, I reached the peak of babe-ness far too soon, and have plummeted back into average-looking territory.


My theory is this: I’m still ridiculously attractive, and always have been. I came into my looks and realized I could manipulate them to get male attention. But, I got greedy. I got sloppy. I over-played my hand.

And now I have nothing and no one. No dude wants to be with the girl who KNOWS she’s sexy. What fun is that? Maybe if I were more coy, demure, and modest about my beauty (or at least, if I appear to be…) I will have something other than my good looks to keep me warm at night.


What do you think?

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