56. Maybe it’s my singing?

When I was young — about 5 or so — I remember my mum taking home videos of me & my brothers in our backyard. We had a swingset and a wee inflatable pool set up at the time, and my mum was just making memories: videotaping us playing around, splashing, swinging, fighting, you know, the usual kid stuff.

Now, my mum had the idea that she should tape me singing. So, she asked me to sing a song for her… I can’t remember which one, probably some jingle I had picked up. & so, I started singing… And just never stopped. For the rest of the video, no matter where she was taping, what she was taping, or who she was taping, my singing could be heard.

Not much has changed since then. I sing ALL THE TIME. That ain’t no exaggeration: I seriously don’t know boundaries. I have no qualms about singing in my car, at home, at work, at school. Even out in public: at the mall, at the gas station, at restaurants. In stairwells, in bathrooms, in parkades. I never know when to shut up. If a song is stuck in my head it is bound to come out of my mouth. I sing when I am happy, sad, mad, lonely (“I Dreamed a Dream” is my go to sob-song)… I am always singing. Sometimes, I’m singing and I don’t even know it’s happening. It just seems so natural to me to break out into song: my life is a musical, and I am, afterall, the star.

Singing is normal for me: my whole family does it, even my tone-deaf little brother. I’ve never thought of my shameless singing as anything abnormal, but I have gathered some pretty strange looks when I publicly burst into song. Customers at work love it, my boss hates it, my friends are usually weirded out by it, and strangers probably think I am mentally unstable.

So, I’m wondering if a man would be put off by my singing tendencies? Is it my soulful crooning, shameless warbling, inappropriate carolling, and out-of-control vocal melody-making that’s keeping me single?

I hope not. I love singing. & I would rather be alone belting “I’m a Keeper” at the top of my lungs, or with my single girlfriends screaming the words to “Wrecking Ball” while pretending to sob hysterically than being all boring & quiet with a dude. I need a man who loves music just as much, if not more, than I do. He needs to enjoy singing, enjoy listening to me sing, and be open to singing any duet I can get my hands on. Adeptness with a musical  instrument isn’t essential, but it would be a welcome bonus.

Any man that can’t handle Ewan MacGregor’s part of “Elephant Love Medley” need not apply.


What do you think?

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