57. Maybe it’s because I’m a terrible driver?

I’m an awful driver: I admit it. I don’t seem to have a good grasp on what is appropriate to do while driving versus what isn’t; I’m a hazard. I don’t have depth perception, and I can’t really see well at night (or ever). One of my signal lights is also burnt out at the moment, so I have literally been cutting people off left, right, and centre for the past… month? It’s pretty bad.

I speed, I privelige choosing a song over watching the road, and I’m that person who takes up two or more stalls when parking. I’m a pro at tailgating, begrudge clearing my windows when they’re frosted, and, when it’s icy, I refer to stop signs as “suggestions.” I haven’t gotten an oil change in I don’t know how long, and when my vehicle makes weird grinding noises, I just turn my music up louder. Overall, my driving skills leave much to be desired. I think it’s almost worse because I am aware of it, and I am really rather ashamed of it, but I never do anything to remedy the situation.

My friends are terrified to ride with me (as they should be), other drivers openly loathe me, pedestrians fear me, and I can’t believe that being an awful driver is helping my lovelife any.

I don’t know if my bad, unsafe, dreadul, dangerous driving is detrimental to my search for my better half, but I am almost positive that less people would hate me if I wasn’t such a terror behind the wheel.

So, maybe I’ll buck up: get an oil change, fix my signal light, and shoulder check more often.

Bring on the love, Edmonton.


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