Happy New Year!

New Year’s is my favourite holiday: I love it. I think there is no better way to say adios to the old & aloha to the new than by drinking cheap champagne (Baby Duck anybody?) & slurring a poorly-timed countdown before smooching some stranger come midnight.

For me, New Year’s equals a fresh start. I love the feeling of waking up with 365 days of possibility ahead of me: it’s kind of like a do-over, but better (I think). You have the benefit of a brand new start, but with the added perk of a past year of failure to motivate you. New Year’s is an opportunity. It is a built-in chance for humans to be better, hence the popularity of New Year’s Resolutions (of which I am particularly fond).

I was talking to a co-worker not too long ago about our shared love of New Years, & she mentioned something that I found pretty neat: a Ukrainian tradition of sweeping the “bad” out at midnight. Her mother would grab a broom on New Year’s Eve, &, as the rest of the world (at least, in her time zone) was counting down, she would open her door to the cold, winter night & start sweeping. The idea being that one sweeps out all the bad things from the year previous to make room for all the good a new year may bring — if you let it.

So, here is to a new year, a fresh start, a clean slate… & all the best in 2014.


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