63. Maybe it’s Netflix?

I am obsessed with Netflix — as I believe most students are. I struggle hard with avoiding Netflix during the school year, especially when I am forced to choose between binging on Orange is the New Black and doing some sort of homework… I mean, there’s just something about legally streaming TV series & indie films that trumps all school-related activities.

Fuck my GPA: YOLO, right?

But, seriously, I have found myself GLUED to Netflix lately. My newest obsession is Supernatural… & let me tell ya… Them Winchester boys make studying look really, REALLY unattractive. & when I get sick of the edgy drama/action provided by that show, Netflix has made it all too easy for me to flip onto Dawson’s Creek: oh, the teenage angst…

I’m also currently halfway through the first season of Chuck, a series that provides the perfect amount of witty humour & unrealistic action. & if I ever get sick of watching the nerd almost get the girl in that show, Party of Five is next on my list of 90s shows to binge on.

Who needs a boyfriend when — for the low, low price of 7.99 a month — I can watch ALL THE SHOWS/MOVIES I WANT. Not to mention, Netflix’s library has been updating more often & with newer releases than I have ever seen before. It is all very exciting.

(This might be a good time to point out that this is NOT a sponsored post… I just really, really love Netflix. However, if somebody representing Netflix sees this & wants to toss some cash my way… That would be okay by me.)

So, perhaps the men in my life just can’t/don’t want to compete with Netflix. & can I really blame them? Is it my fondness, blind dedication, and willingness to sacrifice, well, everything to marathon television series from the comfort of my bed that is stopping me from falling in love?

I would have to say yes. I mean, how can I nurture a relationship when I don’t even want to get dressed most of the time? I might have to slow down on my Netflix consumption in order to up my game… My chances of finding real-life relationship bliss are probably a lot higher when I actually leave my house & interact with the other humans.


What do you think?

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