66. Maybe it’s because I’m boring?

Last weekend, I got together with one of my oldest friends (with whom I used to party regularly), & due to the impending nature of her 25th birthday… We decided it would only be fitting for us to engage in some nostalgia, & rip it up like the good ol’ days.

Which was a nice thought, but we had some difficulty putting it into practice.

We started off strong: we bought alcohol, & mix, & salty snacks for the inevitable munchies from pre-drinking; I actually put some effort into my appearance; we both threw our party pants on & we were ready to go. 

Or were we?

We (Well, I) had the aim that we were going to get “fucked up” & party like we didn’t have to work the next morning. What we ended up doing was driving around drinking coffee, talking about our glory days, and eventually landing at a dingy north side bar where I sang sober karaoke and received some unwelcome groping from a boy who looked like he had barely completed puberty.

And, to be honest, I am kind of okay with that.

Not the groping, but the driving around & eventual karaoke was actually a lot of fun.

It was nice to get to bed at a somewhat decent time, be able to have a conversation without screaming at each other, & I particularly enjoyed waking up the next morning sans-hangover.

Now, this all made me consider how much I have calmed down in recent years. I am no longer staying up ’til sunrise, or drinking like alcoholism is a sport, or letting strange guys grind up on me because I am too drunk to notice or care… & maybe that makes me a little bit dull?

I am definitely more reserved than I was in my not-so-distant youth, & although I am not opposed to unleashing the beast every once in a while (my birthday’s coming up — watch for me on your local news)… I don’t have the stamina that I used to. Which means that maybe I am not as much fun as my 19 year-old self… & maybe guys don’t want to be with me because I am, well… boring. 

This thought crossed my mind, & I immediately panicked. Could my apparently bland, flat,  lacklustre, mundane, vanilla, and boring adult personality be possibly detrimental to my love life?

You know, maybe. I think I had more of an outgoing, and possibly more attractive personality in my youth, but it came with a price. I could be terribly obnoxious & I did A LOT of things that I am not particularly proud of… & I really didn’t give a shit about anything or anyone (other than numero uno, of course). I think as I’ve grown more boring, I have actually grown into a better person… Which makes me proud of my new-found laid-back nature.

I may have settled down, but I have also settled into myself. I have become more independent, confident, & actually pretty content with my personality… Which makes it less necessary to party like I’m on reality TV & easier to just be myself.

& trust me, single, boring, or whatever… There is nobody I would rather be.


2 thoughts on “66. Maybe it’s because I’m boring?

  1. I’m only 22 and I’m stuck in my nostalgia spiral of my glory days as well. No, not the “lets tear it up like we’re 18 and my parents are out of town” days, not even the “get together and drink coffee and talk about the past” days…I’m talkin’ the “watching Disney and Nickelodeon and going through every BuzzFeed post about the 90’s because I can’t grasp the fact that some kids don’t even know who the Backstreet Boys are because they’re too busy saying things like bae and swag and they’ll never have the excitement of eating a Wonder Ball or playing Bop It” days.

    And I agree. It’s completely okay. I love my boring self. But I want you to know, this boring girl is set to start year 4 with her boyfriend. Sure, we met when I was a college freshman and the world was my bartop to dance on. But those ways are long gone and now I’d rather sit at home and watch movies (maybe have a glass of wine if I’m feeling crazy), and my bf loves it. Because he’s boring too. But together, I don’t consider US boring (nor our love life, like you had mentioned). My advice? Look for boring. Boring is good. Find a guy who’d rather cruise from coffee shop to coffee shop instead of find the nearest club. Those are the guys worth having. :)

    LOVE your blog. Just found it and already hooked :)

    • Thank you! Perhaps you can add reading my blog into your Disney/Nickelodeon watching & Buzzfeed reading routine?
      I definitely agree that I need to find my boring other half. I think what rattles me is how difficult it is to meet guys without the constant social stimulation of going out every weekend. But, in saying that, I also don’t want to be with the kind of guy that I would meet by going out every weekend. Also, my body can’t handle a partying marathon like it used to… So there’s that.
      I am stuck between being a real adult & being a party girl right now. I am still at university, & that makes it hard to stay out of the bar scene, but I am also getting older, & that makes me want to go to bed at 10:30 most nights. My biggest challenge right now is learning how an adult female has fun, & hopefully I can strike a balance between partying like a teenager & having, I guess, more low-key get-togethers.
      But you have given me hope! I am comforted by the fact that I am not the only 20-something year old woman who privileges cozy wine nights in over crazy bar nights out (some of the time, anyway). & you’ve given me the idea of stalking my neighbourhood Starbucks in hopes of generating a chance run-in with someone handsome (& boring, in the most endearing way of course). Thank you again for the thoughtful advice, compliment, & the follow. & Congratulations on 4 years with your boyfriend! May your boring union be everlasting.

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