67. Maybe it’s geography?

Now, usually when someone is having trouble meeting another someone with which to engage in a romantic union of sorts… The blanket advice given is to just “put yourself out there!” You know? Get out there. Get out there & meet some people! Make some friends. Make some friends, if you know what I mean.

Which is great advice, & I could totally get behind it… If I knew where “there” was. Because, trust me, wherever “there” is, that’s where I want to be.

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that it’s not anywhere near the #YEG.

See, it’s not like it used to be. You don’t meet guys at grocery stores or dog parks. I’m not going to drop my books & have a handsome stranger help me pick them up, accidentally touch my hand, & swiftly proceed to fall madly in love with me. That shit doesn’t happen around here. Not to mention the skewed male-to-female ratio at universities these days… 60% of the people I got to school with are female — I’m lucky if one of my male peers makes awkward accidental eye contact with me, much less takes time out of his day to help my clumsy ass.

Chivalry is dead, but I digress.

I am fighting the good fight here: I leave my house (pretty much) everyday, & I interact with other humans on a fairly regular basis, & I have been getting my flirt on A LOT lately, but nothing has come of it. Nobody cares. They aren’t bothered, intrigued, or even vaguely interested. Nobody’s curiosity has piqued for a very long time… & it’s starting to wear me out. Seriously: what’s a girl gotta do to get a guy to at least offer to buy her dinner these days?

Yeah. I used to think it was me, but I read an article that indicates otherwise. It pointed out which cities women are most likely to not be single in, and Edmonton wasn’t on the list. The reason I’m single isn’t me, it’s my city. The root of my problem is purely geographical: I’m single because this city’s male talent is a bust.

So, wherever this magical place is that I need to be in order to meet people & have a somewhat normal relationship, I need to be there. I want to be there. & if anybody knows where that place is, feel free to spread the knowledge.

I am open to travel.


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