75. Maybe it’s because I am broke.

I have been living the student life for a couple years now, & at first it didn’t seem so bad finance-wise. I mean, yeah, money was a little tight, but I have a job, & I had student loans, & I was somehow managing to stay afloat.

But this year, my financial naivete has finally caught up with me.

I am broke. Broker than broke. So broke, that I am actually unsure how I am going to fill up my car once the quarter tank of gas that’s currently in it runs out. Or feed myself: I might also have a problem fulfilling that basic need for the next little while.

Like so many people, I am living on credit. &, unfortunately, credit doesn’t last forever. & weirdly enough, banks expect you to pay that money back eventually.

I’m also a major space cadet, & neglected to submit my hours to my employer… So they in turn neglected to pay me. They’re going to eventually, of course, but I’m now stuck trying to make the 6 dollars I have available on my credit card & the 15 dollars & change I have in my wallet last until payday.


Needless to say, I am kind of hoping for a mysterious windfall of the monetary persuasion to get me through the next little bit.

Perhaps it is my financial foolishness, my penniless persistance, and my overall inability to maintain a positive balance in my bank account that is putting a damper on my dating life.

I mean, it’s 2014. So dudes aren’t expected to pay for everything on a date… & even though I am a cheap date, I still don’t think I would be able to afford it.

Unless we go to a place that takes IOUs, I’m gonna be pretty SOL.


What do you think?

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