Happy Easter!

Holidays really aren’t my bag… as some of you might know. But when it comes to Easter, my usual holiday hate just does not apply.

I mean, I know there are obvious religious undertones to the Easter weekend… & I get why Easter is kind of a big deal for those of the Christian persuasion — & that’s totally cool. But, for me, Easter represents three days off in a row (the luxury!), ham, being free from school momentarily, & the fact that it is socially acceptable to binge on egg-shaped chocolates.

Glory, glory, glory.

So I hope you all are enjoying some time off (& some egg-shaped chocolates) because I know I will be. One of my besties & I are heading to the mountains for a girls’ weekend — No boys allowed… just kidding. But seriously, Banff won’t know what hit it.

I truly cannot wait to get out of the city — odd, considering I am a city girl through & through. But even us city girls need some good ol’ fresh mountain air every once in a while!

We’re going to go shopping and drinking (maybe in that order, maybe not); we will possibly engage in some voluntary physical activity, & we will definitely do lots of post-exam relaxing. In fact, I am probably getting cozy in the hot springs as you read this.

Lucky me!

& maybe if I’m really, really lucky a tall, dark, handsome stranger will sidle my way. Luckier still, I might even be able to struggle through a normal conversation with him.

One never knows, am I right?

So keep your fingers crossed for me readers, & have a Happy Easter!


(Bunny-shaped chocolate is always good too.)


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