78. Maybe it’s the beefdip?

I’m in love…

…with a sandwich.

mmm beefdip <3

mmm beefdip <3

Brewster’s Bavarian beefdip, to be exact: that sandwich is delicious.

I don’t want to say it’s better than sex, but it definitely rivals most of the boning I’ve done lately. This big, beefy beauty is that amazing.

Everything about it is pure perfection. From the pretzel bun, to the thinly sliced beef, to the mustard-mayo mystery mixture & tangy au jus, the flavours combine to form a sandwich that will leave your taste buds begging you for more — if it were a dude, I would marry it.


Needless to say, I’ve formed a bit of an unhealthy attachment to this savoury meal. I talk about it incessantly, I tweet about it so often it is bordering on harrassment, & I actually had an incredibly lucid dream about it the other night.

Maybe it’s my strange addiction to this beefy creation that prevents me from forming amorous relations with a fellow human?

Well I guess so. I babble about the beefdip so much, that I probably am missing romantic opportunities… but, you see, the beefdip is just so satisfying. & no matter which location I go to, it never fails to disappoint — although shout out to the Century Park Brewster’s… that beef dip was to die for. I had to pinch myself after the first bite just to make sure it was real life.

Being a single lady, sometimes a really delicious sandwich is as good as it gets… sadly enough. But, if that sandwich happens to be a Bavarian beefdip, I am more than okay with it.

If loving Brewster’s Bavarian beefdip is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.


What do you think?

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