Happy Birthday, Canada.

I love being Canadian — it’s great. I mean, yeah, the television is sub-par, & our weather usually sucks, & the shopping is far better across the border, but free health care, freedom in general, & just being Canadian more than makes up for it.

This big, beautiful country is so amazing — the mountains, the prairies, the oceans & lakes. Physically Canada is gorgeous — she definitely doesn’t look 147 years old.  From coast to coast, the true North strong & free is ripe with natural beauty, & no matter how many times I see the sun set over the prairies or drive the winding roads through the  Rockies, I will never get sick of it.

But being Canadian is more than farmland, mountains, & lots of snow. It’s more than hockey, being unnaturally polite, & inadvertently ending sentences with “eh” — it’s a concept. Being Canadian is being allowed to be yourself, & July 1 that’s what I am celebrating.

I am celebrating a country that let’s me be me, & looks damn good doing it.

Bring on the beer & fireworks everybody, & let’s show our country how much we love her, eh?

Happy Birthday Canada!


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