89. Maybe it’s my bun?

As a girl with long hair & an unbridled passion for sleeping in, I spend a lot of time with my hair up in a bun. So much time in fact, that my bun has become one of my most identifying features: it’s a part of me. Most people who know me can probably count on one hand the number of times they’ve seen me with my hair un-bunned, & sans bun I am actually practically unrecognizable.

Now that temperatures are rising in good ol’ Edmonton (it’s 24 degrees out right now but it feels like 34 degrees, aka it feels like heaven), I have been rocking my signature coif more than ever. I mean, it’s just too hot to have my hair down, & buns are so quick & convenient — who can blame me for avoiding the possibility of permanent neck sweat?

Perma-sweat is just so unpleasant for everyone involved.

On days like today, there ain’t no way I am messing around with a blow dryer, straightening iron, or any other piece of over-heated styling equipment. Why bother? I honestly didn’t think my hairstyle of choice drastically effected my chances of landing a man, but when one of my co-workers commented on my appearance in a not-so-positive fashion (she now lovingly refers to me as Elton John) it made me reconsider the negative effect my state of constant bun-ness might be having on my romantic chances.

Might I remain single because of my overt fondness for easy up do’s & dramatic increase of lazy hair days?

According to my grandma: no. She prefers my hair up & out of my face. However, the rest of the planet may not agree. I actually recently received a surprise compliment about my hair (it was running wild & free at the time) & it made me consider liberating it from its bun more often.

So perhaps one of these days I’ll make like Rapunzel & let my hair down — watch out Prince Charming, here I come.


4 thoughts on “89. Maybe it’s my bun?

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