98. Maybe it’s my bedroom furniture.

This reason comes to me courtesy of a boy who I am not allowed to write about.

The boy-who-must-not-be-named blames my single bed for my single woes. &, while my tiny, tiny bed doesn’t open a lot of doors for me romantically… I doubt it’s actively preventing relationships from forming.

However, owning a twin bed has given me the perfect excuse to avoid intimacy when it suits me to do so.

Like, when I am straight exhausted & all I want to do is lay in bed watching House solo. Or, when I have neglected to shower post-workout & just don’t have the energy to properly bathe & look presentable. Or, when I just want to be by myself.

I’m a slightly introverted, creative individual… I need my alone time. It comes with the territory.

It might sound contradictory that someone who complains about being single on a weekly basis would claim the need for time alone. But, I think it’s relatively normal. & even when you are in a serious, long term relationship it is important to be comfortable being alone, & to have your own hobbies, & your own interests.

Also, being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being physically alone — there is such a thing as having alone time, together. & this might sound lame but for a long, long time (since my first viewing of Pulp Fiction) I’ve considered comfortable silence as a major indicator of true Love.

I want to be with a dude who is just as comfortable chatting with me as he is sitting in silence with me, & all the activities that fall inbetween.


What do you think?

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