103. Maybe it’s because I’m an Oilers fan: Part Deux

I’m no hockey expert, & I am far from a hockey fanatic, but, man, do I love the Oilers.

My friend (who bleeds orange & blue by the way) & I managed to appropriate tickets to the home-opener via the harassment of a season ticket holder (thanks Brett!), & come October 9th we were practically vibrating with excitement. The whole city felt different — the promise of a new season was upon us, after all. 2014-2015: shiny & new.

We were excited. Everyone was excited. The air in Rexall was electric. The passion was palpable. I was caught up in this feeling of positivity. It felt so real, like I could reach up into the air & grab it. Take it home with me. Keep it safe. At least, that’s what I thought.

Then, we lost.

5-2, if you haven’t heard.

Sigh. Things started going south in the stands real quick around goal number 3. & as disappointed as I was, I felt more disappointed in the Negative Nancies sitting around me than the players bouncing a puck around on the ice.

I mean, loving the Oilers is kind of like being in a relationship, & you shouldn’t break up with your boyfriend after one disagreement — am I right?

Shortly after goal 4, people started leaving. Then goal 5 happened, & there were groups of people pouring out of the stands; they couldn’t get out of there fast enough. When the final buzzer sounded, it was accentuated by the throwing of a sweatshirt on the ice, quickly followed by the breaking of my heart.

It was some drunk loser making a statement, no doubt. In my own slightly inebriated state (that Rexall beer will get ya) I felt so many things at once: anger, sadness, disappointment. But it wasn’t all directed at the team, the management, or the organization. I mean, yeah, we lost the first game of the year — talk about a bummer. But I couldn’t help but think how unnecessary a lot of the reactions were. Getting up & leaving with ten minutes left on the clock? Tossing apparel on the ice? Let’s get real here. Be angry, be disappointed. But don’t let a single loss derail the hope of a better season.

Like I said, I’m far from a hockey expert, but I do know a heck of a lot about love. & I know a heck of a lot about relationships — especially dysfunctional ones. I know that problems don’t get solved by throwing a hissy fit when things don’t go your way.

If something isn’t working, change it or break up. So, if anyone out there is feeling like he or she just can’t stand to watch the Oilers lose, & he or she is unable to keep clothes on in the face of defeat, break up with the Oilers & pass those tickets my way, please.

You’ll probably be a lot happier. Plus, I know at least two people who will gladly take those tickets & cherish every moment in that arena, win or lose.

We take this stuff seriously. Photo by: Kyla J Lane

Photo by: Kyla J Lane



2 thoughts on “103. Maybe it’s because I’m an Oilers fan: Part Deux

    • Absolutely: losing is never fun. But fans can’t control what happens on the ice, they can only control their reactions to it. I think that’s what bothers me more than anything… Fans putting unrealistic expectations on a team & then having a temper tantrum when the team doesn’t meet them.

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