112. Maybe it’s this time of year: pt. 2

Despite my usual feelings toward the Holidays, I am finding myself way into the Christmas spirit this year.

I don’t know what happened, or how or why it did, but my heart seems to have grown three sizes. I’m, dare I say it, excited for the holidays. I’m not sure if it’s the impending end of the semester from hell, or the fact that my BFF is travelling home for the holidays (I have a strong inkling it’s the latter), but I’m no longer cursing Christmas trees, or dreading the family dinner, or bah-humbugging around town. Rather, I’m really getting into the holiday swing of things.

& I mean really.

I’m embracing Christmas carols, watching terrible made-for-TV Christmas movies, wishing strangers Happy Holidays, & I even had the hankering to get down & do some Christmas baking (with the assistance of my mother of course… we all know I’m useless in the kitchen)–homemade shortbread anyone?

So things are getting pretty Christmas-y around here, & I am more than okay with it. I’ve been decking halls, spreading cheer, & trying not to gorge myself on all the festive goodies floating around work. It’s weird–I’m not so much excited for the big day, but I’m just taking advantage of the positive energy in the air. It’s fun to smile & scream Merry Christmas at passers-by, turns out. But, more than yelling cheerful things at strangers, I am just looking forward to having time (a rare commodity for a student) to spend with the friends & the family I have close by, & thinking about the family & friends who I don’t. & that’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it?

Family, friends, & the delicious, fatty, only-comes-once-a-year food.

Happy holidays readers!



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