Maybe it’s because I forgot!

It turns out that in my old age I’ve started to become a bit forgetful… & kind of confused sometimes. It’s embarrassing & inconvenient, especially when I forget something as important as my weekly date with my readers. This past week for me was absolute craziness (I started a new job & stuff) & putting together a blog post completely¬†slipped my mind.

I know, I’m the worst. I’m sorry. Please forgive me?

Luckily for me, it’s the long weekend (Happy Victoria Day fellow Canadians!) & I’m sure all of you were way too busy enjoying an extra day off to be too concerned. You can’t be too mad when the sun is shining, the birds are singing, & the BBQ is grilling something delicious–right?

The point is, I’m still alone & I promise to be better next week & for as long as I don’t have a boyfriend (indefinitely or forever–whichever comes first).

Thanks for being so understanding: you guys are always the best!


What do you think?

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