146. Maybe it’s because I’m doing it all wrong?

A few posts back, I was espousing my distrust of the popular dating app Tinder. &, although I’m still unsure as to it’s relationship-creating properties, I did have a realization last week that maybe Tinder can work… as long as you’re using it correctly.

It might not be an effective tool for meeting new people, but what about rekindling old flames?

I was casually swiping one night, when I came across the profile of my junior high school crush. He looked pretty much the same (older, wiser, beard-ier), & I was immediately reminded of how enamoured I was with him when I was in my early teens. He was the class clown–hilarious, quick-witted, & unashamed of making a fool out of himself, traits that I still find myself drawn to. He was also still a bona fide babe. I decided to swipe right & was surprised when it came back that we were a match.

I took a risk, & did the highly un-lady-like thing of messaging him first.

“I had the biggest crush on you in junior high,” I messaged, including a few artfully placed see-no-evil monkey emojis.

He responded, & we ended up having an actual conversation, with stimulating content, & I was pleased when he wanted to take the conversation from messaging on Tinder into the real world. Schedules were exchanged, plans were made, & now we’re hanging out over the weekend–& I am actually excited about it. I’m not planning-our-wedding excited, but I am, for the first time in a really long time, looking forward to kickin’ it with a member of the opposite sex.

It’s probably not a real date, & I am tamping down any hopes that it will turn into “something”, but at this point… who cares? We spend too much time planning the future when we can just enjoy the present. Right now, I’m just looking forward to catching up with an old friend… & if we end up realizing my junior high school dream of sloppily making out… well, that’d just be the cherry on top.


What do you think?

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