148. Maybe it’s because I’m in Toronto… Again.

It’s that time again! I am back in Toronto for my annual trip to see my BFF &, boy, does it feel good to be home.

This time, I skipped flying & decided to navigate my way across the country by car, which was amazing–despite the fact that I had to spend a night in Sault Ste. Marie & it rained the entire drive. But it was worth every inch because I’m here now, back where I belong, &, despite the inclement weather, I managed to see some really cool things along the way.

Somewhere between Thunder Bay & Sault Ste. Marie

Somewhere between Thunder Bay & Sault Ste. Marie

There was my pitstop in Winnipeg where I spent a morning hanging out with animals at the Assiniboine Zoo (I managed to get up close & personal with some polar bears, snowy owls, buffalo, & a cougar, among other creatures) before crossing the longitudinal centre of Canada to spend some time on the shores of Lake Superior via Thunder Bay’s marina. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a Great Lake before & it’s something I suggest everybody throws on their bucket list–immediately. It ranks with the Rocky Mountains for me as some of Mother Nature’s finest work.

Getting up close & personal with Hudson, one of the most famous resident polar bears at the Assiniboine Zoo’s Journey to Churchill exhibit. Photo cred: Katt Adachi

Blizzard, one of the polar bear cubs, hanging out near the pool.

Blizzard taking a dip. The polar bear cubs Humphrey, Blizzard, & Star had been introduced into the exhibit from the on-site Polar Bear Conservation centre the day before we went to the zoo. Talk about good timing!

A cougar on the prowl in her enclosure.

Snowy owls! They are the first animals you see on your way through the Journey to Churchill.

Buffalo! The white buffalo was an amazing sight to see.

Boats safely moored in the Thunder Bay marina.

This is me, pensively taking in the Sleeping Giant: a natural rock formation visible from the Thunder Bay Marina, that looks like a large human taking a snooze (as the name would suggest). Photo cred: Katt Adachi

The shores of Lake Superior, a little inlet called Old Woman Bay. Just a mind-blowing manifestation of natural beauty.

& now I’m in my favourite city with my favourite person, doing nothing on her front porch. & I’m so, so, so happy to be here.

We did all the tourist-y crap last year–climbing the CN tower, taking in a Jays game, & scoping out the city from the 51st floor at The One Eighty–but now we’re just taking it easy & enjoying the little time we have together. It’s not easy cramming a year of hanging out into ten days, but if anybody can do it… we can.

A little bit of inspiration c/o of some Thunder Bay public art.


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