Happy Birthday to me!

The blog turns three today. & I can’t fucking believe it.

As always, this time of the year hits me with a confused, emotional mix of pride & embarrassment: making it to the three year mark means that I’m still ridiculously alone, but it also means that I’ve stuck with it. I made a commitment to myself (& you guys) 1095 days ago (give or take a few), & somehow I’ve managed to keep it up.

That’s something pretty amazing, especially for a commitment-phobe like me. &, if you’re reading this (which I hope you are), that means that you’ve kept it up, too. So in celebration of our joint commitment to one another, in lieu of a big ol’ diamond ring, here’s the top ten posts from the last 365 days!

134. Maybe it’s because all the good ones are taken?

140. Maybe it’s because I’m STILL, still unnaturally close with my BFF?

123. Maybe it’s because…

136. Maybe it’s because I’m in love (I think).

115. Maybe it’s because I don’t know what I want.

116. Maybe it’s because I’m an over-sharer?

139. Maybe it’s me?

131. Maybe it’s because I’m in Vancouver.

120. Maybe it’s because I’m not likeable?

135. Maybe it’s because I’m old-fashioned?

Thank you so much to all the beautiful people, here at home & all around the world, who support me. Whether it’s through reading, sharing, liking, commenting, or holding me when I’m convinced I’ll never write (or date) ever again–there are no words to express how much I appreciate you guys.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here’s to another year!


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