164. Maybe it’s because I’m sick.

For the last three weeks I have been a gross, mucous-y mess–I’m currently battling the (un)common cold & it seems that no matter how much cold medication I take, or how many lozenges I suck, I just can’t kick it. Partly because I refuse to slow down–my BFF was here for a week (& a bit) & I insisted on cramming as much time in with her as possible. Also, I tend to do this thing where I don’t let myself actually be sick until it’s gotten to the point of no return. We’re talkin’ the full monty of unwell here: sore throat, croaky voice, phlegmy cough, & a runny nose that just won’t quit.

In short, I’m sick. It would be adorable if it weren’t so disgusting. So, I completely understand why nobody would want to wake up next to this, but trust me when I say I extra appreciate anybody who does.

On that note, I’m off to sleep until I can breath through my nose again.


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