Maybe it’s because…

This is hard for me to say so I’m just going to say it.

I think we should see other people.

It’s not you, it’s me. This hurts me more than it hurts you. I’m sorry.

This project has been amazing. I’ve learned so much about myself & other people, I’ve improved my writing, I’ve implemented a daily writing practice, & I’ve gained confidence in my abilities as a writer, human being, & potential other half. Not to mention, all the opportunities I’ve had to connect with writers/bloggers/readers around the world–it’s been a trip, let me tell you. & I’m grateful every single (ha!) day that I started this blog, & that I kept it up, because there’s no way I’d be the person I am right now if I hadn’t have decided on a lonely, probably cold, day in November 2012 that I was going to start writing about my love life.

But, all good things come to an end. Nothing great lasts forever. I think we all knew this project had an expiry date (even I can’t truly believe I’d be alone forever) but that doesn’t make this last post any easier to write.

The last three years have been some of the most productive, enlightening, & fun of my life (so far).  & that’s (mostly) because of this blog. & the only reason I’ve been able to keep it up for as long as I have (other than my prolonged singledom, of course) is because of you. My readers. My audience. My fans. The faces behind the likes, comments, views, & clicks. You are the reason I write. You are the reason this blog is (was) successful. & you are the reason saying goodbye is so goddamn hard. But it unfortunately doesn’t make it any less necessary.

It’s time for change. The door is sliding closed on this chapter of my life & I’m going to have no choice but to pursue other projects–I recently found out I got into grad school (!!!!!!!!), so that’s going to be something new, huge, & very exciting for me. &…

I met somebody–it’s really new, he’s really great–so writing about being alone makes me feel like a fraud.

This blog has been about honesty: brutal, gross, naked honesty. & keeping it up in my current situation feels like a farce–it would be a disservice to the project & completely invalidate everything I’ve been babbling about to continue writing posts. It’s scary, but it’s time.

So, thank you readers. For everything. Y’all mean the world to me. I know that my Sundays will never be the same.

I can’t wait ’til we meet again,

xx Sarah

p.s. Just because you’re not hearing from me here doesn’t mean I’m not still writing–you  better believe I’ll be getting my blog on some way & somehow. So, follow along at where I’ll occasionally be posting fun stories, articles, & other neat things if you want to keep up with me & all my goings on.


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