2.2 Maybe it’s because I’m selfish?

I wish I was a selfish person.

Selfishness has a bad rap as this negative trait–like, for some reason, there’s this idea that you should always be pushing yourself aside to serve others. You know? Don’t you dare do something for yourself. And if you do, it better not be anything frivolous. And, in a way, I get it. Because too much selfishness, like too much of anything, is not a good thing. It can be damaging in many ways, and maybe that’s where selfishness got its bad reputation.

But, on the flip side, a complete lack of self-serving traits is equally as harmful (trust me, I know). It’s about balance (like everything in life, it seems) and it’s probably impossible to strike the perfect selfish-to-selfless ratio. So this balance is hard to strike, and it’s definitely not concrete–there’s going to be moments of flux, obviously. Like things happen, things change, life gets wacky. You move, you move on, you try new things, blah blah blah.

But one thing that’s very important to remember as the world keeps turning and life keeps living, is the level of self-care you provide yourself. I know that’s one thing that I usually lose in the mix. And it’s so easy to get caught up in not giving a shit about yourself. Before you know it, your jeans don’t fit, and your skin is ratchet, and you haven’t had vegetables in a very long time… for example.

No matter what, you have to make sure that you’re still the centre of your world. There’s room for one or two or three more special people in there too, but you can’t forget that you are number 1.

Sure, you can buy bigger pants, if that’s what you want to do. And you can shirk veggies if they’re not your thing. But, the point is, to figure out what is your thing, and stick to it no matter what. No person is worth giving all of yourself away. And the right person will never expect that, anyway.


What do you think?

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