2.4 Maybe it’s because I’m an Oilers fan: Part 3

Okay, as outlined here and here, I’m a diehard fan of the Edmonton Oilers. I say diehard because there have been certain points in the last 11 years where cheering for the Oilers felt like I was dying. Yet, I persisted. And it’s paid off! This year we’re in the playoffs and despite what happened in Game 4, I’m not giving up hope. Which brings me to my next point–as an Oilers fan on the West Coast, I’m having an extra-hard time finding a man who doesn’t suck.

I mean, as a girl who likes hockey it’s always been a battle–I can’t just like hockey, I can’t just support my team. If I don’t know every stat from every year since the inception of the Edmonton Oilers, am I even a fan?! So there’s that to deal with. And it gets worse.

I mean, within the group of fans it’s slim pickings finding a good dude and out here there doesn’t even seem to be very many Oilers’ fans to choose from. I mean, Canucks fans? Check. Anaheim fans? Check. I even came across a dude on Tinder who’s all about the Red Wings (may their season rest in peace). LA Kings? Check. San Jose (ugh)? Check. I know what y’all might be thinking–it’s just hockey. But guess what, it’s not. Not only do I get steam-rolled by dudes who share my same affinity for the Oilers, but I get totally flattened by fans of the opposition. It’s frustrating.

I’m already self-conscious of my hockey knowledge (I have a poor memory and my understanding of the offside rule is… loose) and men pounce on that. It’s like, they make me look extra-stupid in a way that makes them seem extra-charming (yeah, internalized misogyny can be confusing). I guess making a girl look silly cranks their ego up to 11 or something? And perhaps it’s my insecurities that make me think: “Huh, I guess he really does know best. And also, he has a great butt. Therefore, I like him.” And then I just keep everything crossed that he likes me back.

Here, there’s a smaller pool of hockey fans, much less Oilers fans (and yes, I refuse to entertain the idea of dating someone who doesn’t bleed orange and blue or at least, you know, not cheer for the Canucks–barf) and it just makes it so hard. Dating is already tough when you’re kinda past you’re prime (gravity has taken hold on parts of my body that I don’t wish to disclose) and you’re kinda old and your kinda not so much as picky as just… selective. 

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, it’s real hard to meet people and have a genuine connection… and that doesn’t get any easier as the days go on.

Good thing there are very few things I actually need a man to enjoy, and luckily cheering on the Oil ain’t one of them. Go Oilers!*


Actual (blurry) footage of me cheering for my team sans men.

*at the time of this writing, the series is tied 2-2. 


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